FRAS 5 enters the medical practice from vanguard scientific research

FRAS 5 is the most advanced system for measuring oxidative stress. FRAS 5 uses plasma or serum instead of whole blood, and therefore, it is not influenced by the hematocrit that causes altered and thus inaccurate values.You need only one blood withdrawal to perform the two tests d-ROMs fast and PAT.

Reading times are the shortest: two and half minutes for d-ROMs fast test and 1 minute for PAT test. PAT is the most recent evolution in the test for the evaluation of antioxidants: it is the only test that eliminates the interferences of phosphates and therefore it is both the most specific and the fastest. The SAT test allows the evaluation of the antioxidant activity of saliva helping the prevention of problems and diseases in the oral cavity

Thanks to these real-time tests, it is possible to establish an accurate and reliable diagnosis of oxidative stress. By these assessment only, you can optimize specific antioxidant therapies and monitor their effectiveness.

d-ROMs fast test

  • d-ROMs fast test (patented) is the evolution of the well-known d-ROMs test that increases the speed of execution only. In fact, the execution time is halved and changes from 5 minutes to 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • d-ROMs fast test measures the haematic concentration of ROM (“Reactive Oxygen Metabolites,” Free Radicals) and it is precise, reliable, and repeatable.
  • The Italian CNR (National Research Center) has confirmed that the results the ESR test (“Electron Spin Resonance”, the gold standard) are, in fact, interchangeable.
  • Test results are expressed in U CARR, the unit of measurement of Free Radicals and the only one used by the international scientific community.
  • You only need a small quantity of blood from the fingertip, to perform a Targets and goals of d-ROMs fast test EXAMPLES TARGETS GOALS d-ROMs fast test.

PAT test

  • PAT test (patented) is precise, reliable, and repeatable. It measures both the scavenger and antioxidant haematic concentrations in only 1 minute.
  • PAT test is able to detect and to quantify in a specific manner the scavenger and antioxidant activities in a living organism.
  • You only need a small quantity of blood from the fingertip to perform a PAT test.

OSI Index

The OSI index (Oxidative Stress Index) Know the dangers of OXIDATIVE STRESS! measurement of antioxidants in saliva. sums up in a single value the information obtained from the d-ROMs test and the PAT test and makes easier and more immediate the interpretation of the results. In order to evaluate the validity of OSI, we created a table of 366 OSI values derived by the same number of combinations of d-ROMs and PAT values that is summarized by the table on the left. The OSI index is a perfect starting point for the evaluation of the oxidative stress by the doctor and for an easier understanding from the patient. It also allows for a fast and certain evaluation of the improvement or worsening by therapies and sickness.

OBRI Index

The OBRI index (Oxidative Balance Risk SCIENTIFIC VALIDATION OF FRAS 5 – supported by over 700 scientifc references Index – patented) determines the status of the oxidative balance according to the cholesterol levels and is an interesting predictive index for the cardiovascular risk (Belcaro, Cornelli, Finco. The carotid intima-media thickness modifcation following atorvastatin is bound to the modifcation of the oxidative stress, Journal of cardiovascular pharmacology and therapeutics, 2014).
OBRI evaluates in a reliable, reproducible and repeatable way the cardiovascular risk connected to an altered oxidative balance. OBRI is based on the determination of total cholesterol (CH), of Oxidative Index (OI) and of Protective Index (PI):

OBRI = OI / PI x 0,0455 x CH

The OBRI index accounts for OI and PI indexes and for the total cholesterol and represents an important indication of the cardiovascular risk.

SAT test

  • SAT test is an innovative test for the measurement of antioxidants in saliva.
  • It is fast (reading time: 1 minute), precise and repeatable.
  • It is covered by international patents.
  • When the antioxidant capacity is poor, the oral cavity is not protected enough from the aggression of cariogenic and gram-negative bacteria that cause tooth decay and periodontal diseases.
  • Knowing the antioxidant capacity of saliva is therefore useful in the prevention of caries and periodontitis.

OB Manager

The software for the diagnosis of Oxidative Stress

  • The interpretation of d-ROMs fast test and PAT test must be performed by a medical practitioner.

We recommend OB Manager software as damage an aid to the diagnosis of Oxidative Stress.



  • Performs risk assessment.
  • Saves and files test results.
  • Calculates the date to begin a regimen of vitamins and antioxidants, where appropriate.
  • Highlights the date for the next Oxidative Stress check up.
  • Prints custom reports for both doctor and patient.



Supported by over 700 scientifc references

Areas of interest and some applications of FRAS 5 in human medicine, according to the currently available scientific literature.

FRAS 5 – Free Radical Analytical System


The latest system by H & D is available to physicians, healcare professionals and private laboratories.

FRAS 5 performs a global evaluation of oxidative stress by means of the d-ROMs fast test and the PAT tests.

FRAS 5, is a dedicated photometer, with a built-in centrifuge, it allows the operator to perform the d-ROMs fast test and the PAT test in a simple, step by step procedure, guided by clear prompts on the display. The built-in printer provides a “ticket” with the results and the date of testing. Software updates and additional tests, when available, are downloaded through a USB port.