Comment diagnostiquer le stress oxydatif ?

Littérature scientifique

Book of References - FRAS System, d-ROMs, d-ROMs fast, BAP, PAT and SAT test for the global evaluationt of oxidative stress in clinical practice
Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease with a Cholinesterase Inhibitor Combined with Antioxidants
The Carotid Intima-Media Thickness Modification Following Atorvastatin is Bound to the Modification of the Oxidative Balance
Performance Evaluation of the Innovative PAT Test, Comparison with the Common BAP Test and Influence of Interferences on the Evaluation of the Plasma Antioxidant Capacity


A Bon Entendeur - Quand la grenade dégoupille ses antioxydants!

A Bon Entendeur, 23.01.2018, 20h08

Quand la grenade dégoupille ses antioxydants!

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